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  • Service, repair, parts, and 24-hour tech support for the Gray / Blohm + Voss FloorHand Iron Roughneck and HPU, including PLC Remote Controlled Models.

  • Torque gauge repair and calibration, Spinner swap out program

  • Service, repair, parts, and 24-hour tech support for Gray / Blohm and Voss drill pipe spinners, elevators, and power slips.

  • New and used handling equipment, such as manual tongs, elevators, slips, etc.

  • Large inventory of SR and Blohm and Voss iron roughneck parts and spinner parts in stock.

  • Machining and fabrication services.


SR offers superior spare / replacement parts for the Blohm and Voss style FloorHand (Iron Roughnecks and HPUs), all at substantial savings when compared to factory pricing. We manufacture and supply spares for the Gray / Blohm and Voss drill pipe spinners as well (Pneumatic and Hydraulic, of all sizes/models). Southern Roller also offers in-house repair and or full rebuild/overhaul of the above tools including iron-roughnecks + HPUs, and are able to provide/build new tools to suit your needs.


Our parts interchange with factory parts, while offering improved design and increased longevity. Spinner parts have been improved dramatically. All bearings / shafts are fully greasable (improved for 2016), we’ve taken measures to better protect all bearings from contaminates. Our gears are designed to not rub tool joints as the factory gears sometimes do. SR rollers and gears are easily and inexpensively rebuildable if so desired, no more fighting to remove bearings and/or disassemble the roller/gear. SR parts are also designed to be easier on the rest of your tool, causing less shock and wear on your hydraulic system and cases. All spinner parts are IN-STOCK!! 


SR also offers an IR spinner swap-out program. We send you the left and right spinner assemblies, in new condition (cases are new, and/or shaft holes have been welded up and re-machined to new specs, all parts are new, or in new condition, with all new bearings). You re-use your spinner motors only. We ship the complete rebuilt cases, left and right, you slide yours off, slide the new on, bolt up the motors, pin the cylinder, and you’re ready to go. Worn spinner cases with egg shaped shaft holes cause misalignment of all spinner parts and do not allow rollers to contact the drill pipe correctly, thus resulting in premature wear, decreased performance, and increased operating costs.


Others talk service, support, quality, and on time delivery, SR makes it happen!

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